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The Body Shop is a private, members only nightclub that caters to couples and singles who want to explore their sexual limits. Since our inception on 2011, we have been host to over 10,000 couples and singles. In most ways, we are like most other private, lifestyle (or swinger) clubs. We offer all the same amenities, offer you full bar service (BYOB) and allow you the freedom to explore and express yourselves in a sexual nature.

We differ in two ways from any other club. The first is there is ZERO pressure to participate. We don't require anyone to engage in any activities at any time. You're welcome to sit back and enjoy the scenery. Second, we offer all the same amenities as any other club, yet we do so at the fraction of the cost! For as little as $34 a month per couple, you can enjoy The Body Shop as much as you want with no door fees!  We are just like an all inclusive resort...EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED (BYOB) 

We are the ONLY club to offer a premium club experience at a discount price! We do offer new couples a 30 day trial membership which will allow you to check the club out and decide whether or not the club scene is for you. There are no further commitments!

Here is a brief list of our amenities:

  • 5,000 sq feet of beautifully appointed play space
  • Nightly live music with professional sound and light show
  • Full service bar and table service with complete with sodas, juice and energy drink (BYOB).
  • Billiard table
  • Nine (9) Private rooms
  • Two (2) voyeur/exhibition rooms
  • Dance floor with stripper/dance poles
  • Couples only play area
  • The ORIGINAL U4IA box pulled straight out of the legendary U4IA night club in Cleveland, Ohio!
  • Glory hole room
  • Sybian room
  • Leather swing room
  • 8' wide pleasure pillow for group play

The club is located just 5 minutes off Interstate 77 near the Belden Village Mall area. There are plenty of area hotels for you to stay in. We offer FREE shuttle service from and to any of the hotels on Everhard Rd. Luxury Limousine service is provided (if requested, fees apply) by Lifestyle Limousine. If you are ready to experience a club the way it should be, visit our EVENTS page to RSVP.

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